British Racing Green Massive Attack

When the very rare opportunity to design and paint a WyndyMilla Massive Attack frame as a showpiece came about, as a team we licked our lips and made some magic happen.

Johan Johnston, WyndyMilla’s chief designer wanted to give a nod to classic British racing heritage with a spike of prodigy. He wanted the frame to have that tweak that makes you look twice, the essence of what WyndyMilla is.

The initial design was produced as a creative concept on a Saw Dr frameset. David, WyndyMilla’s bike fitter and frame designer saw that concept and initially triggered a talking point with the WMPaintworks team.

I wanted to design something that gave a nod to classic British racing heritage with a spike of Prodigy

Once the concept was established, Sam, WyndyMilla’s chief painter had some ideas. From that, the plan to paint the cranks was put forward and all agreed that it was the “X factor” that a show bike really needs. Adding shaped colour accents around the head tube was Sam’s idea too. They are shaped to show that WyndyMilla produce majesty with menace.

Once Sam had applied the finishing coat over the regal racing green frame, it was handed back to David to build and finish. Once David saw the finished frame he knew what he wanted to bring the whole build to life. Sticking to the racing pedigree concept it was decided that a brown saddle and bar tape would create the perfect finished article.

We’re proud of it. Even rarer, this show piece is now available for sale here.