Chris Da Costa Owner Interview

What do you do when you're not cycling?

I'm Head Mechanic at The Fettling Room.

What kind of riding do you do?

Leisure rider

How did you find out about WyndyMilla?

I was training for the Cape Argos and I wanted to do some group rides. I ended up going riding with the WyndyMilla club on their Saturday social rides.


What made you choose a WyndyMilla bike?

I have had tried a lot of different bikes but WyndyMilla is my dream bike. Custom made and tube to tube manufactured. It’s niche, it’s different and it’s out there. WyndyMilla bikes are not the run of the mill.

How was your experience of the WyndyMilla journey?

Like minded cyclists and cool characters who know what they are talking about. Overall legendary experience.

How is your WyndyMilla treating you now?

I have a WyndyMilla Massive Attack which lives in the lounge. Brilliant bike, 3 years later and it is still going strong. 

WyndyMilla are a great bespoke dynamic company bursting with fresh ideas and coolness! 

"Custom bikes for custom people."