James Fargus Owner Interview

What do you do when you’re not cycling?

I run a business transformation consultancy called JSS Transform.

What kind of riding do you do? 

Road racing and Iron man triathlons.

How did you find out about WyndyMilla?

I had been getting my bike serviced at the shop for some time as I live locally.  I was in preparation to do a hilly Ironman so I decided to finally get a WyndyMilla.


"I had always dreamed of having a custom WyndyMilla bike since I started going to WyndyMilla HQ."

What made you choose a WyndyMilla bike?

I had seen the bikes quite a lot and I knew they did an amazing tailor made product, I didn’t consider any other than WyndyMilla because I heard such good things.  

How was your experience of the Wyndymilla journey?

It was very very good, from fitting to advice, to regular updates, they were very patient with me and managed my expectations well.


How is your Wyndymilla treating you now?


I love it. I use it all the time for road and longer/hillier triathlons. This summer I plan to ride a quin Ironman (5 back to back Ironmans) and a treble Ironman in Snowdonia on my WyndyMilla. I have some really exciting  adventures planned, any time the sun is out I will be out on it!