Aero Shorts - WyndyMilla ASSOS Original Pink Equipe
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Aero Shorts - WyndyMilla ASSOS Original Pink Equipe Aero Shorts - WyndyMilla ASSOS Original Pink Equipe Aero Shorts - WyndyMilla ASSOS Original Pink Equipe
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Aero Shorts - WyndyMilla ASSOS Original Pink Equipe

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The WyndyMilla ASSOS Equipe Original Pink Aero Shorts strike the speediest balance between performance and comfort, albeit erring more towards performance. Coming in the ASSOS racingFit, they have everything you need to be comfortable while performing at your maximum, without any superfluous features.

These shorts offer you an unrivalled racing short  with a textile choice that optimises muscle compression, reduces muscle fatigue and increases endurance. These are designed to be your go-to short; the piece that you pick up for training rides, long commutes and races. They are equally at home during a hill interval session as they are in a breakaway. They are a short for every rider to wear every day.

ASSOS Technology

S7 generation: The latest generation of ASSOS shorts, the S7 line employs technology and fabrics that have been engineered over a 5-year period. This generation of shorts sets new standards in performance and comfort.

ASSOS Custom lycra.439: To improve the performance as well as increase the durability of our products, we have created these shorts using our type.439 lycra, a specific design created in collaboration with our fabric suppliers to meet the demands of performance, comfort as well as wear and tear. Unique within the industry, the weave has two different rates of 4-way stretch, which means that one panel of these shorts must be laid out in a specific manner when being cut.

aeroPatterningFenomeno1 design: Drawing on everything we learned from our project to create the fastest skinsuit for the London 2012 Olympics, this technical design is instantly noticeable when you put on the short. Crafted with a patent-pending single seam that sits on the rear of your legs, this means the main fabric of the short wraps around your thighs to give you a unique level of comfort and compression from our S7 generation of shorts.

racingFit: At ASSOS we understand that the fit of your apparel is key to its performance. When we engineer a product to perform under the most extreme conditions—such as while racing—we employ our racingFit. Unlike the regularFit and comfortFit, the racingFit is tighter and slightly more compressive. It will feel like a second skin while riding, although it is likely to feel restrictive when not in the riding position. Consequently, it results in a higher performance, improved comfort and less drag.

Y7 frame carrier bibTech: Another noticeable difference in our S7 generation of shorts can be found on the bibs themselves. Cut from wider elastic, they sit with less pressure on your shoulders. The design meets two objectives: less friction and more comfort.

équipe_S7 insert: Coming with 8mm of memory foam, this insert is nestled at the intersection between comfort and performance. Central to the fit is the patented elastic insert interface, which was invented by ASSOS and sees the insert move with your body, allowing it to sit in one place to follow your movements, reduce friction and increase comfort.

ASSOS goldenGate technology (insert technology, non-stitched section on the insert): The sewing on the insert is interrupted to create a free-moving midsection in the area between the legs that gives increased freedom of movement in the most sensitive area. This is a patent-protected feature that is central to our S7 generation of shorts.

The ASSOS waffle was introduced on the S5 and has been further perfected for S7. Instead of using a monolithic linear foam as the middle layer, S7 is equipped with a perforated foam resulting in a reduction in weight and increased breathability.

superFlat grippers: are ultra lightweight and low volume. They have an optimally calibrated stretch return, which secures the shorts firmly to the legs without applying unnecessary pressure.

iceColour: is a fabric treatment that reflects sunlight therefore reduces heat absorption. Its objective is not only to keep your muscles cooler than when wearing non-treated shorts, but it is also proven to increase the longevity of its products.

Composition: 70% PA, 18% EA, 12% PES

Size Guide: ASSOS clothing has a very slimming, anatomic cut. If your build is less than slim or if you like your fit looser, go up in size.