Johan Johnston

AKA Hasie & the Robots - Chief Creative

Hailing from a strong background in street art, industrial design and illustration in South Africa, Johan loves custom projects with loud and eye catching design. 

Fueled by his zeal for art and animation, Johan breathes life into his work with every brush stroke. “Hasie and The Robots as a brand is an infinite playground where colour, shapes, and textures come alive organically. I draw what I imagine and my imagination is limitless… it’s magical.” 

Since joining WyndyMilla in Spring 2018, Johan hasn't shied away from scale. His bike designs range from the most intricate line work illustrations to bold technicolor creations. “Working intricate details into my designs allows me to play, whereas painting larger scale, gives me the opportunity to push the boundaries of space.”

Johan carries his work across many mediums and has recently added Hasie Customs to his ever-expanding creative repertoire. Currently based in the United Kingdom, Johan’s artwork includes bespoke shoe design, as well as a range of gear, including custom painted helmets and one-off frame designs for the cycling fraternity.

Hasie & The Robots is where I come to play. I am so fortunate that I can express my creative spirit through my work. Art has taught me so much, which is why I always approached my work with devotion and dedication.

Johan Johnston - 2018