Keira McVitty

Bikes: Massive Attack & Massive Attack Track

We love Keira because she is on a mission to inspire more people to ride bikes and to promote women’s cycling. 


Keira was born to ride two wheels and she believes she has the best job in the world (she probably does). A professional bike racer and social media business owner, this girl knows and lives content creation and being bad-ass everyday. This includes running a YouTube channel documenting her adventures..


Keira turned professional for WNT cycling in 2017 after racing bikes from the age of 12. A former national youth champion, she spends most of her time training and racing in Belgium for Isorex Ladies Cycling team. Whilst she loves a good cobbled/ crosswind race in Belgium or Holland, she also loves to compete in fixed gear criterium races due to the fact the high speed and dangerous races take place on short circuits with NO BRAKES.


Keira recently made the trip from her house in East Flanders to New York to race for WyndyMilla in the Brooklyn No.11 Red Hook Crit. She finished a highly respectable 12th overall after dodging two high speed crashes and getting into the front split.