All WyndyMilla frames are unique. Each and every one has its own identity. Our artisan painters have turned their hand from custom motorbike art to WyndyMilla frames. The results are truly amazing, bicycle paint at its very best. 

Established (Included in frame price)

Our 'Established' collection of paint designs has evolved since 2009. This journey has produced two 'Established' designs. There is a carefully hand picked palette of 25 colours to choose from which we review each year to keep it fresh. Both designs are included in the cost of any WyndyMilla frame. There are a range of 'Established' tweaks and additions that can be selected for these frames at no extra cost. 

Original - Years of experience and dozens of tweaks have established our classic design into what is it today. One layout of logos on a raw carbon, standard or metallic base colour. Sometimes the essence of custom is removing all the fuss!

Team - This Greek God of Wind design started life on Team WyndyMilla frames in 2016 and has grown in strength ever since. Available in your choice of raw carbon, standard or metallic base colour. As used by the WyndyMilla/CBRE race team.

Surprise me: £250

Fast becoming our most popular option, we give you a questionnaire and our creatives work with you to fashion a 5 point mood board. After that you boldly leave it with us to go create. With this option we work to create you something truly unique whilst maintaining a common theme synonymous with WyndyMilla and our upbeat approach to cycling and design. Price includes tinkering with paint on stems and seat posts etc as we see fit. For the bold and the beautiful - it's kept under wraps till the big reveal! 

Full custom: POA

This option gives WyndyMilla customers carte blanche for any paint design. WyndyMilla's in house designers help make visions a reality. The only limiting factor is your imagination. You can work with our in house designer to come up with something fantastically unique.