All WyndyMilla frames are special. Each and every one has it’s own identity, exclusively handpicked by its loving owner. 

Our artisan painters have turned their hand from custom motorbike art to WyndyMilla frames. The results are truly amazing, bicycle paint at its very best. 

Every new frame design is a journey, starting with two options; Established and Custom.


Our Established collection of paint design has evolved since 2009. The identity of WyndyMilla has matured over the years into it’s current guise. This journey has produced two Established designs. Both are included in the cost of any WyndyMilla frame.

Classic - Years of experience and dozens of tweaks have established our classic design into what is it today. One layout of logos on a raw carbon, standard or metallic base colour.

Aeolus - This Greek God of Wind design started life on Team WyndyMilla frames in 2016 and has grown in strength ever since. Available in your choice of raw carbon, standard or metallic base colour.


Something truly original, a custom designed, custom geometry frame. What could be better? A long time favourite with WyndyMilla customers allows the choice of any frame design. WyndyMilla's in house designers help make visions a reality. This come as standard on Massive Attack SL and Foo Fighter frames, or from £250 on all others. 

If you want to ‘go create’, the only limiting factor is your imagination. You can work with our in house design gurus to come up with something truly unique. Ideas on a postcard, or Pinterest board.