WM Club


Right from the beginning at WyndyMilla we felt that it would never be enough to just create a ‘One Stop Go Faster Shop’. We wanted to make sure that an on-going network of support for two wheeled fun ‘n’ frolics was available to everyone who flew the WM flag. Hence early in 2008, the social phenomenon that is The WyndyMilla Club aka ‘The Family’ was born. Whether it’s sportives, racing or recreation we’ve got it covered!

No Membership Fee, Just Fly the Flag.

Becoming a member of ‘The WM family’ is simple, whether you’re a complete ‘Rookie’ or a ‘Seasoned Pro’. All you have to do to join the club is eventually fly the WyndyMilla flag. It’s that easy, there’s no membership fee. Just be bold & proudly don the WM kit of your choice at any of our WM club rides, trips and events and you’re in! We can’t wait to meet you, the more the merrier!!! BTW, it’s totally cool to come ride a few time without any WM kit whilst you decide if it’s the club for you.


The family is about enjoying cycling with like-minded people, that’s it. There’s no committee AGM’s, no club overzealous club politics, it’s simply a relaxed way to meet and ride with like-minded people and enjoy our sport.

The WyndyMilla community is growing rapidly. Not only do we have members in London & the South East, but also as far afield as Australia & the US. We all stay in contact through our facebook & twitter pages, so it’s really easy to put your hand up online any say, “Anyone want to come join me for a ride”? We also run a number of WyndyMilla club rides, events and trips that any club members can join. The WM family has a huge knowledge base, with experienced riders and racers from all disciplines of cycling. If you’re new to cycling, don’t feel shy; feel free to ask any questions on our Twitter or Facebook pages . We Have a ‘rides’ specific Facebook Page here.

The WyndyMilla family has guys & girls of all ages & ability levels. They include riders simply tootling leisurely around from cafe to cafe, brave weekend warriors conquering Alpine Sportives and all the way up to UCI Pro racers.


WyndyMilla organise a number of Club Rides for our members. The rides started in 2010 with just Tiny aka Milla looking to ride her bike and chat, preferably to at least one other cyclist! The word spread and the family grew and now we are one of Surrey’s most diverse and sociable clubs.

The Saturday rides are open to all and totally free!! The rides always start and end at WyndyMilla HQ where freshly ground coffee is served freshly ground and cake is freshly baked at the cyclist’s cafe next door. If you would like to join us, details are listed below and if you need more information, please contact us at themob@wyndymilla.com.

No membership fees, it’s all free!

NB: To get all our most up to date information about WM club rides go to our Facebook rides page on the link below.


WyndyMilla HQ Saturday Club Ride

When: Every Saturday
What Time: 0:30 Meet. Roll out, 10am
Where: WyndyMilla HQ @ Seale, Surrey. GU10 1HR
Who For: Men, Women and Teens of all ages and ability
What Distance Subject to ability & time constraints, home by lunch!

WyndyMilla HQ Sunday Club Ride

When: Every Sunday
What Time: 8:30 Meet. Roll out, 9am
Where: WyndyMilla HQ @ Seale, Surrey. GU10 1HR
Who For: Men, Women and Teens of all ages and ability
What Distance Subject to ability & time constraints, home by lunch!

We usually split the group up into a ‘less than 15mph average’ group and a ‘more than 15mph group’.

We sometimes all warm up together and then split up after half an hour or so. We often change the routes and have a designated leader for each ride who ensures the stock take at the start of the ride is the same as at the end! We wait for the last rider at junctions, so always presume straight and we wait for people with mechanicals. This is a great opportunity for the rest of the group to chuck in some intervals rather than waiting and cooling down.

NB: If you want to start an ongoing WyndyMilla ride in your area, let the Crew at WM know, and we will post the details on this page.


Are you thinking of trying your hand at something a little more competitive? Whether you’re interested in road, track, time trials or triathlon, we’ve got you covered as WyndyMilla is registered to British Cycling, Cycling Time Trials, the British Triathlon Federation and London Women’s Cycle Racing League. Use our Facebook Page to let everyone know where you intend to race and meet up with other WyndyMilla riders. We’re here to give you advice on the best races for you and answer any questions you’ve got about tactics or technique. We have 3 levels of racing, the WyndyMilla/Reynolds Pro Team, the WyndyMilla Women’s Amateur Team and then anyone male or female who holds a WyndyMilla race license racing at any level.

With a refreshing sense of fun binding all the race teams together as one, we hope you may be ready to become part of the WyndyMilla family? Come and join us!