Alex Wolny Testimonial

What kind of riding do you do?

Leisure/Sportive rider 

How did you find out about WyndyMilla?

I found out through a friend who used to go on the weekly Saturday social rides although WyndyMilla has become a well known brand where I live in Surrey.

What made you choose a WyndyMilla bike?

I have two WyndyMilla bikes, a Johnny Cake and a custom Massive Attack. (The Johnny Cake is a commuter bike that has since been discontinued.)

I wanted something completely bespoke that would suit my riding style. Sitting down and talking to the team at WyndyMilla showed me that I could have something very personalised.

I had really great service starting when I had a bike fit with David. He wanted to make sure that my bike geometry and set up fitted my needs and the type of riding I was doing.

"It really was the whole package, knowledge and understanding, value for money on a custom experience and a one of a kind bicycle."

How was your experience of the WyndyMilla journey?

I came in for a bike fit in 2013 as I was starting to ride longer distances, including some 24 hour challenges.

As a result I was experiencing issues from riding the wrong set up - too aggressive and not good for all day riding. The bike fit was money well spent and transformed my enjoyment on a bike.

I decided to take the plunge on a bespoke bike in 2016 so spoke with David and the team about what I wanted. I was concerned the Massive Attack would be too ‘racer’ oriented and was initially looking for something to emulate the comfort of a titanium frame. David explained to me that he could create a Massive Attack with a more comfortable geometry, emulating some of the characteristics of titanium but also with the benefits of carbon fibre. It was a great experience working with David and the team on the bike and creating something that is one of a kind with a real personality. I particularly like the custom details that have been incorporated into the finish, especially the broken bone logo that reflects some of my less successful outings! In my opinion the brand has a good sense of humour and fun edge, they don’t take themselves too seriously.

"People always ask me about it."

How is your WyndyMilla treating you now?

 I try to ride about 5 times a week, most of which is on the Johnny Cake for my commute to work.  My pride and joy WyndyMilla Massive Attack is my Sunday best. It comes out when the weather is good and on big ride days, I’m planning on riding a spring classic and another return to the mountains in 2019.

It’s always a pleasure to get on it.

It’s a great bit of kit.

Alex's official job title is Director of Property and Procurement for Gallagher. (Insurance Broker).