Our custom made to measure and steel bikes. Designed, painted and built in the beautiful Surrey Hills just south of London. Our frames are lovingly handmade by artisan makers in Venice, Italy.

Massive Attack

Our best seller - The Massive Attack is a traditional carbon fibre road frame for all round performance with exceptional stiffness-to-weight and ride feel. Hand built tube to tube construction guarantees quality and lifetime durability with infinite scope for customisation.

WyndyMilla SL

Built for the ultimate in climbing performance, the WyndyMilla SL has one goal in life, conquering mountains. Its light weight carbon fibre road frame, with traditional style round tubes, offers exceptional compliance and ride feel and hand-built construction allows infinite scope for customisation, as well as guaranteeing quality and lifetime durability. Available in rim-brake only.

WyndyMilla Steel

Created for the performance led purist the WyndyMilla Massive Attack ST is a fast, uncompromising steel race frame with a contemporary twist. Premium Italian Columbus tubing gives the exceptional ride quality and heritage feel of steel but a clean finish provides a fresh modern aesthetic. Handmade tig welded frame construction guarantees quality and lifetime longevity, with a sprinkling of Italian romance.

WyndyMilla All Road

Rugged and ready for multi-terrain performance, the carbon All Road is your go anywhere, do anything bike with clearance for up-to 45mm tyres. Control and handling confidence comes courtesy of disc brakes. 12mm Axles and Flat Mount brakes ensure compatibility with the most cutting edge groupset options on the market. Durable hand built construction guarantees quality with infinite scope for customisation.

Why Custom?

You have the bike that everyone has. We will create the bike that ONLY YOU have. We take exact coordinates of your personalised bike fit, combine them with our leading R&D and manufacturing process, and then get creative with design team at our in-house WM Paintworks Studio. The result is not only a high performance precision machine, but also a work of art that's perfectly tailored to your riding needs.