Bike Fits are Back

We’re back and booking fits now for your new custom bike

Following the recent change to restrictions, and in line with Government 'Covid Safe' working guidelines, we are back and fitting again for your new custom bike. 


We’ve made some changes to how we do things, with all fits taking place in our new space that is much larger and with greater airflow from huge double doors out to the open air.  We've got more space too, with two metres between you and David our fitter while you pedal. 

We use Isopropyl Alcohol throughout the space and on all contact points in between appointments.

For all fitting we use a state of the art jig to find a perfect position for you on your new bike, with resistance and pedalling simulation controlled remotely from distance and manual adjustments made with no contact with the customer to give you peace of mind. We’re providing hand sanitiser on site too. 

For now, we ask that you bring your own refreshments and drinks bottles. Water is always provided on site, of course. 

The fit process takes up to three hours, and once we’ve found a comfortable, powerful position suitable for the sort of riding you want to do, we use that data to design a frame which works for you, with your centre of mass right in the middle of the bike and all the angles, lengths and specifications just right for comfort, speed and perfect handling designed around you. 


Book in now, or give us a call to chat through your requirements and we can get your custom bike project started. 

If you can’t visit us in person, we’re always happy to work with your existing data and design a bike around that, plus we have a growing network of trusted fitters in the South East/London, South West, Midlands and the North. 

If you’re further afield, give us a call and we'll see if we can help direct you. We know talented professional fitters in various parts of the world, or can find you someone really local to you using the IBFI network