Custom British Bike Brand Wyndymilla Launches New Massive Attack

  • The first major overhaul of WyndyMilla’s signature bike since 2012 marks the brand’s coming of age.
  • New tubing, including a one-piece headtube/downtube,  as well as dropped stays and D-shaped seat tube offer all-round performance and comfort for the British brand's flagship bike
  • Redesign completes WyndyMilla’s remodelled range
  • London 16th October 2019 - When WyndyMilla created the original Massive Attack in 2012, it was designed with one purpose - to create the bike that has “everything the modern rider needs, and nothing they don't.'' Handmade craftsmanship, fitted perfectly to the rider, exquisitely painted to the exact specifications of the owner - put simply, more than just a bike; an extension of the rider, and crafted as a work of art.

    Now, seven years on, WyndyMilla’s flagship bike has been redesigned and represents the completion of the entire remodelled range, which launched earlier this year. The pinnacle of crossing design with beauty, and performance with custom - perfecting what it is that riders need from their bicycle. Introducing the new Massive Attack.

    Evolving the DNA of the original Massive Attack, designed in conjunction with former Paris-Roubaix winner Magnus Backstedt and the weapon of choice for Hannah Barnes in her National Champs winning season, this new generation takes all-round performance to another level.

    The new bike features a monocoque head and downtube construction, moulded into one single piece of carbon to increase rigidity and reduce weight, yet still cunningly designed so WyndyMilla can customise a wide range of precise head-angles plus headtube and downtube lengths, exactly as the rider needs. Kammtail shaping gives better aerodynamic performance of the tubes while also sheltering the bottle and cage, further reducing overall aerodynamic drag for both official crit races and unofficial charges to the cafe stop. An oversized bottom bracket shell has been added for maximum stiffness and power transfer plus a new D-shaped seat tube and seat post for increased comfort - perfect for long days in the saddle. When the road surface worsens, the rear triangle now includes dropped stays to once again, improve the aerodynamic performance while significantly reducing road vibration.

    When considering the expectations of the modern rider, the Massive Attack is designed to bring out the very best in performance for a high calibre all-rounder - improving on the technical features whilst still keeping its character and classic aesthetics. Comfort and versatility are more important than ever for those looking for an all-rounder and the new Massive Attack boasts an increased tyre clearance to allow for modern wide-format rims and tyres up to 30mm.

    With complete customisation and a lifetime warranty, the stunning new Massive Attack offers uncompromising quality to riders. The process of creating a custom piece of art like the Massive Attack starts with a bike fit and consultation. Time, care, and usually a coffee or two are taken to perfect the fit for each rider - and the result will always be a versatile, all-round high-performance bike, with unique individualities to make the riding position as comfortable as possible.

    Handcrafted carbon tubes are designed and specified at Wyndymilla UK HQ with frames then hand-fabricated in Italy, before coming back to WM Paintworks for painting. Riders have a range of options; from single colours with high-quality finishes - to fully custom, detailed  artwork; making each bike not just bespoke by fit and fabrication, but uniquely decorated to create nothing short of a piece of art.

    Not only will each Massive Attack have fully custom geometry, but individuals are also given total control over all components and gearing systems - with expert advice offered throughout the process. 

    Henry Furniss, founder of WyndyMilla, comments, “The Massive Attack model has been a staple member of the WyndyMilla family for years. It’s won road championships and races all over the world, plus it has been the go-to, do-it-all machine for most of our loyal customers, we’re proud to be reintroducing the model to match the discerning tastes and requirements of the modern cyclist. We’ve spent months redesigning and improving our best-selling bike to continue to offer the best in performance and comfort, with brand new tubing to bridge speed with endurance. The ability to offer wider tyre clearance has also been important to offer our customers greater choice; we can’t wait to give new Massive Attack owners wings”

    The all new Massive Attack is now available from WyndyMilla - for more information, please visit

    Technical Aspects

    New Headtube and Downtube

    - Constructed as a single piece to increase the rigidity at the headtube and fork interface for better steering precision
    - One-piece construction reduces the weight and improves the structural efficiency of the headtube/downtube joint.
    - Downtube uses a new Kammtail shape which gives better aerodynamic performance and shelters the bottle and cage. 
    - Wider interface with the BB shell to give maximum stiffness at the BB shell whilst retaining the threaded BB shell for reliability 

    New Seat Tube

    - Constructed on a solid mandrel rather than moulded for very high manufacturing precision 
    - Oversized at the BB Shell for Maximum pedalling stiffness 
    - Tapers to round section for front mech mounting with a Band Clamp - Most secure and rigid way to attach the mech - guaranteeing the best shift quality and lowest risk of chain drop
    - Round Section tapers to D Shape above mech mount - for stability against side to side movement in the seat post and saddle, and increased flexibility fore/aft for greater compliance
    - D Shaped Seatpost and Seat-tube - More aerodynamic than a round shape and works well at high yaw / low speed situations; increased flex comfort and deflection over larger bumps. 


    - Round profile for maximum stiffness to weight carried
    - Oversized at headtube junction for increased rigidity and steering precision
    - Reduced sectional area at seat tube junction for improved compliance and reduced weight
    - New Top Mounted Internal Seatpost Clamping mechanism for greater ease of use. 

    Reworked Rear Triangle

    - Rim Brake and Flat Mount Disc Brake Options
    - Offset Seatstay joint on Seat tube (Dropped Stays) - meaning an improvement in aerodynamic performance of seat stays, significant improvement in damping road vibrations.
    - Improved tyre volume clearance - Space for wider tyre spec (30mm) and new modern wide format rim shapes. Better real world performance on rough tarmac and unmade road conditions. 
    - Dropouts and Brake Mounts moulded into Chainstay for smoother cable routing, reduced weight and greater strength
    - Full metal dropouts for durability and reliability 

    Features carried across

    - Fully custom geometry - individually made to measure with total control over all dimensions down to 0.5mm and 0.1degree.
    - Fully Italian Built, Design, QC and paint finish in the UK
    - Individual handmade construction to guarantee quality control and finish
    - Optimised for Columbus Futura Fork on Disc and Rim options
    - Options for customisation for Cabled Systems, Di2, EPS, Etap or Universal Interchangeable chip system.
    - Bsa Threaded BB System for simplicity, high precision bearing alignment and creak free durability and serviceability. 
    - Lifetime Warranty