JJ Kabler Owner Interview

What do you do when you’re not cycling?

I’m a GP.

What kind of riding do you do?

Leisure / Fitness

How did you find out about WyndyMilla?

I did a google search for handmade custom bikes in the uk and found WyndyMilla through that search.

What made you choose a WyndyMilla bike?

It was initially the look of the bikes, they are really cool and well designed. Plus the bike was a really competitive price for a fully customised rig, it was an extra perk that a cyclefit came free alongside buying a bike.

How was your experience of the WyndyMilla journey?

Very good, I honestly couldn’t fault it. I found it very straight forward. The initial set up was great and choosing the design and paintwork was easy. 

How is your WyndyMilla treating you now?

I have had the WyndyMilla Massive Attack 18 months now and it is excellent, I love it. The full customisation really made the difference. 

4 years ago I bought a Specialized Roubaix, some time later I ended up hiring a bike at the 5 borough cycle ride in New York and found it much more comfortable. That’s when I realised that a custom bike would work much better for me than an off the peg frame. I’m 6 ft 6 so custom was the best option.

"Most people wouldn’t buy a custom bike unless they were a very serious cyclist, but I saw it as a long term investment. I’m doing much more riding as a result, so it was definitely worth it."