New Assos x WyndyMilla Jersey Collection - out now

When Assos clothing called and asked us to help them produce a stand out collection, we called Johan at Hasie and the Robots.

Working closely with WyndyMilla in his role as creative lead, Johan already knew what we were about, and knew how to take our brief and Assos’s classic aesthetic and turn it up a notch or two.

We caught up with Johan at Hasie HQ to find out more about how the designs came about, and his inspiration behind them.

Q: Johan, so the new collection has just landed. How does it feel to see your work on an Assos collaboration? 

A: It is such a cool opportunity to collaborate with ASSOS. Designing the range for them was creatively fun and seeing the results is such a great feeling. I’m proud of it.

Q: For those people who haven’t heard of Hasie and The Robots, what is it and what’s it all about?

A: I originally started Hasie and The Robots as a creative outlet. Hasie has evolved into a brand and it’s where I come to play. I am so fortunate that I can express my creative spirit through my work. Art has taught me so much, which is why I always approach my work with devotion and dedication.

Q: What were Assos like to work with, and how does what they do differ? 

A: Working with such an efficient group of professionals made this collaboration run seamlessly from a design workflow perspective. What’s great about it is that you can focus all your energy on the creative process and let the work speak for itself.

Q: You’re used to working on a variety of substrates (bikes, sneakers, helmets), but what are the challenges of working on technical fabrics? 

A: It can be challenging, because you have to design with a 3D perspective in mind. The fabric moves and the textures and colour elements incorporated, have to work together.

Q: Where do the design ideas come from, and how did this range come about? 

A: Working closely with WyndyMilla, we created the “Majesty with Menace” vision together. I wanted the design to carry the same level of regality and class while encapsulating the idea of the thrill to ride. 

Q: There’s more choice than ever for riders these days, what do you think the opportunity is for brands like us and Assos to push themselves creatively? 

A: Ideation and concept development is at the core of what Hasie and the Robots does. I think it’s about exploring unique design elements that are not specifically cycling orientated and being able to draw it into the cycling culture that already exist with a brand like ASSOS.

Q: You see a lot of cycling gear. Your custom painted shoes have virtually cult status, but what stands out about Assos’s gear, aside from these new designs? 

A: ASSOS has kept quality control at the forefront of their brand. They are known for durability and reliability and it’s great to see them using these same strengths to explore new ranges and designs.

Q: What’s next for Hasie and the Robots?  

A: There is always more in the tank with a few new design collaborations coming out this year!

Check out the new jersey’s available now, exclusively through us and Assos.