The WMP Collective

The dream team at WM Paintworks have been assembled for their distinct ability to provide the best quality paint detail and finishes that money can buy. Based at our state-of-the-art paint studio in Surrey, we bring creativity to the core of everything WyndyMilla and WMP produce. 

Sam Weeks - Solid foundations in the custom paint industry and many years experience has given Sam a keen eye for details and quality. He runs leads at WMP and provides the highest quality application and finish to anything that stays still long enough. 

Luke Barkaway - Being a workshop manager at bike shops in and around London for 10 years, he now keeps the operations and booking side of WMP calm and controlled (unlike his riding style). Luke is also apprentice to Sam and is key prep guy. 

Johan Johnston (AKA Hasie) - Hailing from a strong background in street art, industrial design and illustration in South Africa, Johan loves custom projects with loud and eye catching design. 

As with WyndyMilla's custom frames, WMP offers a full spectrum of bespoke design and paint packages for private, B2B and team projects. Utilising years of industry experience and expert paint technology partners together with fantastic quality control & design, the three strong team at WMP will make you and your ride stand out and be admired world wide.

It's not just boys up at WMP either......

Izza - Keeping the boys in check at WMP is our in-house security agent. When not asleep on the couch, she's normally found chasing rabbits, squirrels and delivery drivers.