Reusable Eco Cup - 400ml/14oz
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Reusable Eco Cup - 400ml/14oz

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Fresh in for 2019, our new GoReusable Bamboo Eco Cup. 400m/14oz standard sized.

GoReusable was inspired by the pressing need to reduce the world’s dependency on single-use cups. Every year around 500 billion disposable cups are made and discarded globally. While a small proportion will be recycled at specialist facilities, a fifth will head straight to landfill the rest will litter the environment for years to come. In 2017, David Attenborough’s Blue Planet II highlighted the truly shocking scale of plastic pollution. This, coupled with China’s ban on accepting plastic waste from the West has given governments, businesses and individuals a
sobering wake-up call.

Before deciding on our bamboo cup, we carried out in-depth research, considering over 50 different types of reusable cups. Those made from bamboo came top of the list due to the material’s sustainability. Bamboo is fast-
growing, with no need for irrigation, pesticides or fertilisers, and it’s a rapidly renewable crop. The bamboo used to make our cups is actually a bi-product of chopstick manufacturing, making it even more sustainable. The cups themselves are biodegradable, taking two to three years to biodegrade when crushed and buried, as opposed to hundreds for some plastics.


  • Made from a rapidly renewable resource
  • Helps cut out consumer waste
  • Reusable indefinitely (if looked after)
  • Heat resistant up to 120 degrees
  • BPA & Phthalate free
  • Naturally sterile, no taste residue
  • Re-seable 'No-drop' lid
  • Light weight and easy to hold
  • The sleeve is reversible - smooth or ridged side can be facing out
  • Dishwasher Proof (top shelf)