Why Custom?

You have the bike that everyone has. We will create the bike that ONLY YOU have.

We take the exact coordinates of your personalised bike fit, combine them with our leading R&D and manufacturing process, and then get creative with the design team at our in-house WM Paintworks Studio. The result is not only a high performance precision machine, but also a work of art that’s perfectly tailored to your riding needs.

The Fitting

The journey begins with our design engineers gaining a full understanding of your cycling needs and aspirations. Next is a comprehensive fitting session to find your optimum riding position and component specification to ensure that the end product is completely in tune with your body.

The fitting can take place at our UK HQ, or with any of our hand selected dealers and bike fit partners around the world. If we don’t have a fitting partner in your region, we can advise. 

The Build

Once we have your position and requirements locked down, we design your unique frame geometry for a perfect fit. Handling, compliance and proportions are all in the balance to create a mind blowing ride quality focused around the way you like to ride.

The tubing specification for each frame is custom tuned to your weight and application - starting from our tried and tested format then increasing or decreasing the stiffness and compliance to your individual requirements.

For more information about the construction process and all the options available click the link below.

Frame Design Process.

The Paint

Our state of the art paint studio is where the real dream weaving takes place.

You can choose from ‘The Excalibur Project’, masterminded by the supremely talented Johan Johnston, aka Hasie and the Robots, our razor sharp ‘in house’ designer, or opt for full custom.

‘The Excalibur Project’ is a new creative initiative based around four tiers of unique artwork. Each design has its own name and is a one of one. The design pictured is ‘Sir Caradoc’. Once used, the design will never be used again. It is yours, it is unique.

Whilst the first three tiers of design are based on our 2019 colour palette and Hasie’s raw talent, the fourth tier is ‘full custom'.

If you want to go a step further, we can customise all your components as well, together with shoes, helmets, glasses and kit…

The Excalibur Project page with be live later this month (March).

Want to know more!?

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